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Free Kitten Friday Rules/Guidelines:

Adopters must complete an adoption application and be approved for adoption. We will accept applications and process them same-day.

Adopters must be 18 years or older and must be able to verify age with a valid ID

Adoption applications may be submitted prior to Free Kitten Friday, in fact, we encourage that you do so as it will help us process adoptions quicker. Adoption applications can be downloaded in .pdf format by clicking here. Please write "Free Kitten Friday" on the top of the application. You cannot submit an application for a specific kitten ahead of time, so please do not write a name in the area that asks the name of the animal you are interested in.

RENTERS: we recommend submitting an adoption application ahead of time as we will require landlord verification that you are allowed to have a kitten. It would be best to get this out of the way ahead of time so that your application will be approved in time for Free Kitten Friday. If we are unable to reach your landlord and you cannot furnish proof (i.e., lease stating that you are able to have pets) of landlord's permission, we will NOT hold the kitten you choose until your landlord cannot be reached.

We will not place "holds" on kittens if you have to leave and come back later! Kittens will be adopted out on a first come, first served basis!

Children under 5 years old are NOT allowed to enter the kitten enclosure. This is for the safety of both the child and the kittens and no exceptions will be made. If you will be bringing a small child with you, please make sure you have somebody with you to watch the child while you choose a kitten. The shelter staff will not watch children for parents who are picking out a kitten! If your child behaves in a way that frightens or creates stress for the kittens, we will ask you to leave!!

While we are only asking for a small donation in return for your adopted kitten, we ask that adopters please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organization and we rely heavily on donations to operate. We ask that adopters donate items that will help multiple animals (i.e., a $12 bag of kitten chow that will feed all of our kittens for a few days vs. one can of canned cat food will feed 1 kitten, for 1/2 a day). We put a lot of time and money into preparing our kittens for adoption and by making a meaningful donation that will help us care for the animals, it helps offset the costs we absorb by waiving adoption fees.

The SMAS staff have the right to deny an adoption application for any reason!









Donate Your Used Printer Cartridges and Old Cell Phones to Help Us Raise Funds!!

Want to get rid of used printer ink cartriges or your old cell phone that's collecting dust while helping out the SMAS? The shelter is collecting these items as well as small used electronics such as digital cameras as part of a recycling program. Each of these items we send in earns us points that we can use towards purchasing new equipment or exchange for cash.

Pet Behavior Tips!

Got a dog or cat that with a behavioral problem that is making you consider finding them a new home? Or maybe you just want to understand that quirky thing your pet does? Check out these behavior tips, courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States. Even for the most complicated behavioral problems, these useful tip sheets are a great place to start when taking on the sometimes complicated task of canine or feline behavior modification.

Dog Behavior Tips

Cat Behavior Tips


Help Our Shelter!

Because a shelter environment can be stressful on the animals, enrichment and comfort are absolutely essential to keep our animals happy! Kuranda beds are very durable and designed to provide a comfortable place to lounge in a kennel environment. The Kuranda company makes it easy to donate one of these great beds. Simply click on the link below to purchase a bed that will be shipped directly to the shelter.

One of a cat's most basic instincts is to scratch. Scratching stretches the muscles in a cat's feet and also relieves stress. One of the easiest ways to provide our cats with the opportunity to scratch is by providing them with a Stretch and Scratch scratch pad in their kennel. These are relatively inexpensive and the cats absolutely love them! Please consider donating a box of 25 or 50 Stretch and Scratch pads by visiting the link below.






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